Because every adventure, action and even choice of meal has its reason. Often it is a underlying feeling, memory or dream that guides us forward. So we ask you to take a moment and reflect - who do you become in nature? Where do you go and what do you eat? What are your reasons for adventure?


Carolina Lundberg

"On some summer mornings I try to get up early, when everyone is still asleep. I take my bike and head down to the ocean where I find a sunny spot. I put some water to boil for my coffee and go for a dip. Then I toast a slice of bread, fry my egg and enjoy the first real meal of the day outside, on my own, in tranquillity"

Ryan Wichelns

"We had no way of knowing a lot of things when we flew in there, and that was kind of the point. Being out in the Alaska Range—and specifically being as far out there as we could realistically be—was what drove us more than anything else and it was what we had spent the last two years of planning seeking"

Benjamin Niclasen

"Since a few years back my best friend and I have been going on yearly winter trips to different places of Lapland, Sweden. We take turns in planning and the other can’t know where we’re going until we leave. Waiting for the winter to come, I’m going through my OmniLite Ti stove, maintaining it for the adventure while reminiscing on our recent trips."

Aleksei Turovski

"Nature is all around us, take my breast pocket, for example – if I look very carefully, I will find a mushroom spore somewhere in there for sure."

Harald Born

"Although it may sound cliché, this has given me a completely different perspective on things. I enjoy nature in a different way now than I did before."

Grethe Dullum

"So I sit here on my bench, I can neither see nor move very well anymore, but the sound of birds singing, the waves crashing and the treetops swaying makes me calm. The scent of spring flowers, the wind in my hair and the sun on my face makes me happy."

Sunna Neuféglise

"I love all the beautiful To take better care of the earth and all its inhabitants I started eating vegan a few years ago. So whenever we eat outdoors ..."

Markus Sämmer

"It’s not always easy to prepare a three coarse menu on top of a mountain, but by finding the essentials in recipes it’s easy to recreate them in a simplified version. Like creating a tiramisu just by dipping espresso steeped biscuits in mascarpone. Yum."


" These daytrips out in nature, with a cooking session included, allow us to recharge our batteries. Roaming, running around, getting properly dirty and feeling wild and free. That’s when we realise how little it takes to be happy!"


"I love exercising out in nature and filling my lungs with fresh air. I can live forever on moments like when my husbband Luis and I go for mountain climbs or mountain biking and then stop to brew ourselves a cup of coffee while enjoying the unspoilt nature. No one can take those moments away from me and you cannot buy them with money."


"I love camping or even sleeping under a bare sky and of course cooking. Besides the need of eating, cooking outdoors gives you a taste experience that is totally unique. It’s a basic thing. For that reason, I always keep the Mimer Stove in my backpack. It’s quick and easy but perhaps most importantly, I can use it anywhere and anytime."

Dario Rocco

"When things become too demanding I have learnt, through hard training and experience, to slow down. For that reason I always start the day with a ritual - preparing my morning coffee. Because starting the day in the best possible way always leads to ending the day in the best possible way. No matter in what part of the world I am and in whatever expedition I participate."

Magnus Kalstad Forseth

"I always carry the Gravity stove with me when out with the family. It’s steady enough for large pots, but now when the children are screaming for pancakes, it’s time for the frying pan to shine. From their hands they show me a dried blueberry, some wild rabbit poop and a few straws of grass "here is for the jam" they say with big smiles on their faces."

Stefan Lundgren

"For me, there is always a reason behind every meal and I usually ask myself why I want or need to eat right there and then; is it for the experience, to fill a hungry tummy or am I cold or tired? And I adapt my cooking for it. "

Lars Löwenborg

"On a perfect day, when the wind, if any, blows from the west and the sun is out I’ll bring my Aeril stove, some firewood and a glass of wine down to the beach and place myself on our drift wood bench. I take my time getting the fire started so I have time to observe the waves rolling in, seagulls flying by and to be mesmerized by the flames of the fire."

Milja Dropuljic

"I remember that hike, up at Velebit in Croatia – a beautiful moment that became even better when a fellow mountaineer handed me a cup of freshly brewed coffee. I got this crazy idea that I wanted to drink warm coffee on every top I reach and thanks to the Lite Plus Stove I have brought that idea into life - the only drawback - I often turn into a mountaineering bartender because absolutely everyone want their own cup of fresh coffee."

Peter Amend

"Standing here, under one of these giant Sequoia trees, I realize just how small I am. The thought of this tree being over 2000 years old – only a little baby tree when the pyramids of Egypt was built makes me feel incredibly humble towards nature. "

Jeffrey Witter

"I love getting lost on a long hike together with my girl, stopping for lunch at a beautiful spot. I think it’s important to invest time in things that makes you happy and food and coffee always put a smile on my face, especially when outdoors."

Henrik Orre

"When heading outside with the family, it doesn’t matter where we are, may it be in a forest, mountains, a park, by the sea – it’s the contrast from the city that makes the impact. The tranquility of nature slows down everyone's pulse and seeing the children's creative play with sticks, cones and leaves motivates us to escape the city’s hustle and bustle as often as we can. "

Livia Sthål

" I have so many friends who don’t have the same relationship with their parents so I really appreciate what we have. Without him, I would not have been here."

Manolis Armoutakis

"Being out in nature like this reduces my stress level and a beautiful view helps me clear my mind from negative thoughts. So I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors and as long as I am in nature, I feel amazing."

Maria Jekova

"For me, eating good quality food is of great importance and even greater if the food is planted, grown and taken care of by me. That way the tomato or zucchini tastes even better. "

Ross Bowyer

"Animals have learnt to get their business done before we start ours and it’s incredible how much more one can see when making the effort to get up early. "

Vangelis Vasileiadis

"I believe that nature helps us to discover our real selves, our strengths and weaknesses and also to maintain our mental and physical health. And so, I always hike back feeling both mentally and physically stronger, and of course filled with good food. "

Christos Vasileiadis

"Growing up, I understood that the forest is my happy place and outdoor adventures are my getaway from the pressure and the difficulties of everyday life. That’s why I always find time to discover nature and its treasures."

Adam dulye

"Even if we’ve been on this river before, the water is always different. The weather is always different. It’s that constant challenge of figuring things out and where I get to push myself that keeps pulling me back out here."

Petrik jakab

"For me, experiencing and sharing adventures with friends and family, is one of the best things in life."

Damyan Georgiev

"Standing on top of this mountain, welcoming the sunrise with a cup of hot tea in my hand I look at myself as one of the luckiest people alive."

Tamara Lunger

"Standing on top of this mountain, welcoming the sunrise with a cup of hot tea in my hand I look at myself as one of the luckiest people alive."