Primus Open Fire Pits & Outdoor Fire Pits

    A crackling campfire, the scent of freshly grilled food, and an evening under the open sky – few things are as cozy as a campfire in nature. The Primus Open Fire Pits make all this possible. Our portable campfire grills are not just a cozy source of warmth but also the perfect foundation for open-fire cooking. Planning to buy such a portable fire pit? This page introduces the Primus Open Fire Pits and guides you on what to look for when purchasing such an outdoor grill.

    Open Fire Pits: The Optimal Choice for Campfire Charm and Outdoor Cooking

    The hypnotic dance of flames in the air, the crackling sound of the fire, and the unique taste of freshly prepared food – cooking in nature over an open fire is truly special. With an open fire pit, also known as an outdoor fire pit, you can experience this anywhere. Whether in your backyard, at the beach, or while camping – our portable fire pits are easy to transport and are very user-friendly. Some models protect the ground from heat and embers while others are placed directly over the fire. It is particularly important not to leave any traces behind when cooking over an open fire in the wild. Depending on the purpose, there are different model variations available. Some are particularly lightweight and portable – ideal for outdoor adventures. Other open fire pits are more robust and stable, making them a perfect choice for grilling in your own backyard. The choice largely depends on your personal preferences.

    The Primus Open Fire Pits: An Overview

    From the small, compact Aeril to the large Kamoto Openfire Pit, we have several options available for you at Primus. Below, we introduce our key models.


    Primus Kamoto Openfire Pit

    is a portable fire pit that allows you to create a campfire without leaving any trace. It features an integrated ashtray or base to protect the ground from heat and embers. The removable grill grate is ideal for cooking over open flames. Conveniently, the Kamoto is quick to set up and just as quick to fold down, making it highly portable. It is also available in a Large version – perfect for the whole family to gather around.

    Primus Openfire Pan

    Frying pan, grill, or baking tray – the Primus Openfire Pan does it all. Its triple-layer construction ensures even heat distribution, and its material makes cleaning noticeably easier. The versatile pan can be used on the grill or directly over the fire. Available in two different sizes: Small and Large.

    Primus Aeril

    The Primus Aeril is a fire stand for grilling over an open campfire. This grill has stable stainless-steel legs, is height-adjustable, and easily folds down. Ideal if you're looking for an authentic, traditional cooking experience on your next camping adventure. Available in two different sizes: Small and Large.

    Guide: What to Consider When Buying a New Open Fire Pit

    When buying a campfire grill, there are several points to consider, beginning with the purpose. Think about where and how often you'll use the open fire pit. Size and portability are just as important as the quality of the materials. Furthermore, look for suitable accessories like pans to make cooking more versatile. Last but not least, safety and usability are also crucial criteria.

    Buy Outdoor Fire Pits Online – Summary

    Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or just like enjoying the occasional backyard barbecue – in our range of open fire pits you'll find the perfect model for your needs. You'll also find suitable accessories like outdoor cooking utensils and other products to complement your cooking equipment. Feel free to browse our online shop!
    Important: Always remember to comply with local fire safety regulations. Setting up a fire pit is not allowed everywhere.