Primus lanterns & camping lamps

    Light up the campsite with a Primus lantern. Our gas lanterns can be used for short or long hikes, and as camping lamps. The lanterns attach directly to the gas canister, have a silent burner, and emit a warm and cozy light that enhances the outdoor experience.

    Overview of Primus lanterns, gas lanterns, and camping lamps

    At Primus, you'll find gas lanterns that emit a warm glow and create a cozy ambiance at the campsite. What the three lanterns have in common is their robustness and lightweight design, making them easy to carry in your backpack. The lanterns attach directly to the gas canister and feature a silent burner. Thanks to the built-in Piezo igniter, you won't need matches or separate lighters – just press a button to ignite the lantern. They come with hanging devices, mantles, and impact-resistant cases. Choose the Mimer Lantern for a classic lantern for your campsite, the Micron Lantern – Glass for extra strong brightness of up to 360 lumens, and the Micron Lantern – Steel Mesh for a robust lamp with minimal weight.

    Primus Micron Lantern – lantern in glass or steel mesh

    Micron Lantern is a durable and lightweight lantern that is ideal for any backpacking adventure. The lantern casts a cozy light and runs silently since it’s driven by gas. Just press the button to light it with the Piezo ignition – no lighter is required. Micron Lantern is available in two models:
    • Micron Lantern – Steel Mesh: steel mesh basket for maximum durability and minimal weight with an adjustable brightness up to 235 lumens.
    • Micron Lantern – Glass: frosted glass for maximal light output of 360 lumens.

    Primus Mimer Lantern

    Mimer Lantern is a classic gas lantern with a stainless steel body and frosted glass that casts bright but diffused light that's adjustable up to 330 lumens. It’s lightweight and easy to carry and can also be used as a camping light. Just press the button to light it with the Piezo ignition – no lighter is required. The lantern is available in a standard model and duo which fits both threaded (Lindal) and non-threaded canister valves, which is perfect for the global traveller.