Primus Multi-fuel Stoves

    Conditions can change rapidly in the wild, particularly when exploring remote regions. The Primus multi-fuel stoves are the perfect choice for such environments. With their ability to use various fuels, they offer unmatched flexibility and reliability on every outdoor adventure. On this page, you'll find essential details about multi-fuel stoves and guidance on what to look for when buying a new model.

    Multi-fuel Stoves: Maximum Flexibility on Your Outdoor Adventures

    If there were an award for versatility in the world of outdoor stoves, the multi-fuel stove would undoubtedly be the winner. Its key strength lies in its ability to utilise a multitude of fuels, as it burns gas, petrol, diesel, paraffin, and even kerosene. The benefit is obvious: a multi-fuel cooker offers unparalleled flexibility during your wilderness excursions. A versatility that is especially useful for adventures in areas where certain fuels might be difficult to find.

    Multi-fuel stoves operate with several specially designed nozzles, each suited to different fuel types. At the same time, multi-fuel stoves are known for their robust construction, making them perfect for use in various settings, including low temperatures and high altitudes. Hence, they are a popular choice among mountaineers and winter campers.

    The Primus Multi-Fuel Stoves – An Overview

    At Primus, we offer a range of multi-fuel models. These vary from compact solutions for solo adventures to powerful options for groups. Here are our current multi-fuel stoves:

    • OmniLite Ti Stove: An ultra-light multi-fuel stove made with titanium. Capable of boiling a liter of water in under four minutes. Perfect for one to two people looking to save every gram.
    • OmniFuel Stove: Extremely robust, reliable, and powerful. The OmniFuel can boil a liter of water in just over three minutes. Ideal for expeditions to remote areas.
    • MultiFuel Stove: A multi-fuel stove designed for expeditions where reliability and performance are essential. Very travel-friendly.
    • Express Spider Stove: A trekking stove that can be converted into a multi-fuel stove using a kit. It features stable legs, making it suitable for winter use.
    Gravity Stove: A classic trekking stove that can be converted into a multi-fuel stove with a kit. It is exceptionally lightweight, thanks to its sit-on-top design.

    Multi-Fuel Conversion Kit: Transform Your Classic Stove into a Multi-Fuel Stove

    Certain Primus stoves can be converted from classic outdoor stoves to multi-fuel stoves using what's known as multi-fuel kits. This allows you to use liquid fuels such as white gas, unleaded petrol, and even kerosene in addition to classic camping gas with these models.

    Multi-Fuel Stove Buying Guide: What You Need to Consider

    When buying a multi-fuel stove, there are several important points to take into account:

    • Intended Use: Are you planning a solo trip or a group excursion? Going on an expedition? Does the stove need to perform exceptionally in winter?
    • Weight and Size: Will you have to carry the stove over long distances? Or will it stay at a base camp?
    • Design: How sturdy is the stove? Do you prefer a sit-on-top stove or one with a fuel line?
    • Performance: What kind of performance do you expect from your stove in terms of cooking time and fuel efficiency?

    Buying Multi-Fuel Stoves Online: Summary

    Considering everything from your travel destination to your personal cooking preferences – the choice of the right multi-fuel stove depends on your specific needs and tastes. Whichever model you choose, with their ability to utilise different fuels, multi-fuel stoves offer unmatched versatility. They are the perfect choice for maximum flexibility on your outdoor adventures.
    A final note: Make sure to regularly service and clean your multi-fuel stove to maintain its performance and reliability. You can find the necessary accessories and equipment on our website.