Primus cookware and utensils

    Since 1892, Primus has been a reliable partner for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're melting snow, roasting marshmallows, brewing coffee, or cooking a hearty ramen on a camp stove or campfire, we have the right cookware and kitchen utensils for you.

    Overview: Primus pots, pans, and kitchen utensils

    Get even more out of your outdoor cooking with Primus cookware and camp kitchen utensils. Here you'll find everything from camp pot sets and frying pans to tea kettles, camp toasters, and camp knives.

    Primus cooking pots and pans for camping

    Upgrade your Primus gas stove or camping kitchen with durable, stackable camping cookware, pots, pan sets, and frying pans in various sizes and materials such as stainless steel and aluminum. Here, you can read more about our different product lines.

    • Campfire: durable cookware in stainless steel. The series include Campfire Cookset Stainless Steel Small and Large, Campfire pot Stainless Steel 3L och 5L and Campfire Frying Pan Stainless Steel 21 cm and 25 cm.
    • PrimeTech: heat-efficientcamping pots with non-stick ceramic coating. Choose between PrimeTech Pot Set 1.3L or 3L.
    • LiTech Pot: lightweight and durable cooking pots and pans with non-stick coating. The series include LiTrek Kettle. LiTech Frying Pan 21 cm and 25 cm, LiTech Pot Set3L and 2.3, and LiTech Coffee/tea Kettle 0.9L.
    • Trek Pot: lightweight aluminum pots with non-stick coating. Choose between Trek Pot Set and the separate pots Trek Pot 0.6L and 0L.
    • Essential: made of lightweight aluminum. This series of pots for outdoor cooking include Essential Pot Set 1.3L or 3L, the smaller Essential Trek Pot Set and the seperate pots Esstential Trek Pot 0.6L and 1.0L.

    Primus camp kitchen utensils and cutlery

    At Primus, you find the kitchen utensils you need to take outdoor cooking to the next level. Prepare your cooking with the knife and cutting board included in the Campfire Cutting Set or purchase an open-fire spatula or campfire tong separately. Among Primus' camping and camp cutlery sets, you find the ultralight Lightweight Trailcutlery Tritan®, Trailcutlery Aluminum, and colorful Leisure Cutlery sets in stainless steel. The Folding Spork is a convenient collapsible sport (spoon and fork) that saves packing space. Also, check out the Skewers in stainless stee for kebabs or marshmallows, Campfire Chopsticks, and Primus’ camping toaster named Toaster.

    Primus knives: camp knives and jackknives

    In our range, you'll find camp knives for outdoor use. The Fieldchef Pocket Knife is a jackknife that can be used for slicing vegetables, cutting rope, or carving wood. The Campfire Knife is available in both small and large sizes, featuring a stainless steel blade and an oak handle. The Fieldchef Knife is a camp knife with a stainless steel blade and plastic handle available in different colors, perfect for cutting, chopping, and dicing.

    Primus coffee and tea essentials: kettles and french press for coffee and tea

    Enhance your outdoor experience with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. At Primus, you'll find the Litech Coffee/Tea Kettle, made of durable and lightweight aluminum and available in two sizes., Use our coffee/tea presses to turn your Primus put into a French press.