Primus Gas and Gas Canisters for Camping and Outdoor

    From camping in the forest to mountain trekking or large-scale outdoor expeditions – carrying the right fuel is crucial when traveling with a gas stove. Specializing in outdoor cooking gear, Primus offers various types of camping gas that are optimally designed for different applications and a range of temperatures. Below, we introduce our Primus gas product range and explain what to consider when purchasing camping gas online.

    Gas Canisters for Camping & Outdoor: The Right Gas for Every Occasion

    Cooking up a warm meal in just a few minutes while being surrounded by nature is one of the things that makes cooking outdoors such a fantastic activity. However, to operate your outdoor stove, you need more than just the right equipment; you also need the correct fuel. Camping gas, along with alternatives like petrol or alcohol, is by far the most popular form of portable energy. The reason lies in the size of the gas canisters: They are small, lightweight, and handy, making it very easy to carry them in your backpack. Just like the wide range of outdoor activities, there is also a large selection of special gas canisters, from small and light for short solo trips to larger ones for longer expeditions. Additionally, factors like size, weight, burn time, and temperature stability can also influence your purchase decision when buying camping gas online. The good news: We at Primus offer a variety of camping gas types to guarantee the best functionality under various outdoor conditions.

    Primus Gas: An Overview

    Here's a closer look at our selection of Primus Gas products.

    • SIP Power Gas: SIP stands for Sustainable Improvement Programme. With this product, we focus on a more sustainable supply chain and support the use of bio-based fuels. The functionality and temperature range are similar to our classic Power Gas.
    • Primus Power Gas: Power Gas is our best-selling gas. With a versatile mix of propane and isobutane it offers performance from spring through fall, making it an excellent all-around gas suitable for most situations.
    • Primus Summer Gas: Our Summer Gas is a blend of propane and butane, optimised for summer conditions with temperatures between 15°C and 40°C. This ensures improved stove efficiency and fuel consumption during the warmer months.
    • Primus Winter Gas: Winter Gas is basically the opposite of our Summer Gas. It's a mix of propane and isobutane that functions down to -22°C.

    Buying Camping Gas Online: 3 Things To Watch

    When buying gas canisters, you should consider several factors, starting with the compatibility with your stove to the desired burn time. Below, we've summarized the three most important points.

  • Compatibility: Does the gas canister fit the system of your specific stove? Both screw-on and click-on cartridges are widely used.
  • Conditions: Under what conditions should the gas perform best? An example is our Primus Winter Gas, which works better in cold temperatures than traditional mixes.
  • Burning Time: What gas canister size do you need? At Primus, we offer sizes of 100 g, 230 g, and 450 g (volume).

  • How Much Camping Gas Do I Need for My Trip?

    Canister capacity is often a key question when buying gas. The simple answer: The length of your trip and the availability of gas refills along the way will influence your decision. External factors like temperature and wind also play a role. For instance, you'll need more gas in cold, windy conditions compared to a calm summer day. Based on our experience, we offer the following guidelines:

    • 100 g of gas can boil 10 liters of water in a standard pot under optimal conditions.
    • 100 g of gas can boil 15 liters of water in an efficient PrimeTech pot under optimal conditions.

    Tip: Keep track of how long your gas cartridges last on your trips. Over time, this will give you a better sense of how much gas you typically use.

    Buying Camping Gas Online: Summary

    Choosing the right camping gas almost entirely depends on your specific needs. Are you a casual camper who mostly stays in mild temperature zones? Or are you an experienced trekker braving the mountain heights? The answers to these questions will dictate the type and amount of gas you'll need.
    By the way: At Primus, we offer not only camping gas in various types and sizes but also all the additional equipment you need for cooking in the great outdoors. The benefit is that you can find all these products in one place – convenience at its best.