Primus Backpacking Stoves


    Enjoying a warm meal outdoors is one of the best parts of any outdoor adventure. The Primus Backpacking Stoves are designed for just this. Lightweight, compact, and efficient, these stoves offer numerous handy features, turning them into a vital component of your outdoor equipment. Looking to buy a new Primus Backpacking Stove? On this page, you'll find all the essential buying tips at a glance.

    Backpacking Stoves: Lightweight Stoves for Your Outdoor Kitchen

    Put down your backpack, set up your stove, and your outdoor kitchen is ready to go. Backpacking stoves are designed to meet the specific needs of hiking and mountain adventures as effectively as possible. Their lightweight and compact design makes them the ideal companion on trips where every gram matters. Plus, they're easy to use and quick to assemble. This is essential, as cooking should be as hassle-free as possible after a long day out on the trail.

    There are various types of backpacking stoves. The three primary kinds are sit-on-top stoves, stoves with a fuel hose and stove systems. Sit-on-top stoves are notably small and compact, easily attaching to a threaded gas canister. Stoves with a fuel hose, meanwhile, have folding legs and connect the gas bottle to the stove via a tube. Ignition is achieved through an external heat source or, depending on the model, with a piezo igniter. Primus also has stove systems where the burner and pot are designed to fit together. This allows them to cope better with wind and thus be more fuel efficient.

    The Primus Backpacking Stoves – An Overview

    Ever since Primus was founded in 1892, backpacking stoves have been a cornerstone of our product line. This knowledge is embedded in our current collection, more than a century later. Today, we offer a wide range of Primus stoves to suit various needs. Below, we list the various Primus backpacking stoves for you.

    • Primetech Stove: An all-in-one system for multiple users with an exceptionally stable burner. Comes with an integrated windscreen.
    • Essential Stove: Compact, lightweight, user-friendly sit-on-top stove. Available as a Duo version for both threaded and non-threaded cartridge valves.
    • Lite Plus Stove: High-efficiency all-in-one cooker. Available in the basic Lite version, a larger Lite plus version, and an XL version. We also offer a variant for bikepacking (Feed Zone).
    • Firestick Stove: A uniquely designed stove that's highly space-efficient. Also available in a Titanium (Ti) version.
    • Mimer Stove: A sturdy sit-on-top stove with a wide flame, ideal for larger pots. Also available as a Duo version for threaded and non-threaded cartridges.
    • Easyfuel Backpacking Stove: Small, handy, and easy to operate thanks to its integrated piezo igniter. Also available as a Duo version.
    • Gravity Backpacking Stove: As its name suggests, with its four foldable legs, the Gravity is suitable for large pots and is perfect for larger groups.
    • Express Spider Stove: A lightweight alternative to sit-on-top stoves. Performs well in low temperatures thanks to a pre-heating coil.
    • Express Backpacking Stove: This small outdoor gas cooker is exceptionally compact when folded. Sit-on-top version.

    What is a Backpacking Stove with Piezo Ignition?

    Many Primus backpacking stoves feature what's known as piezo ignition. This is particularly convenient because these stoves don't require matches or a lighter. The piezo ignition creates a spark by pressing a button, which ignites the gas. This makes the stove safer and more user-friendly – especially in windy or wet conditions.

    Primus Duo Stoves: More Flexibility on the Go

    Some of our outdoor gas stoves are available as a Duo version. This means that they can operate with two different types of gas cartridges: You can either use the standard screw-on cartridges or the clip-on cartridges from Primus.

    Backpacking Stove Kits: Maximum Convenience for Your Adventures

    Many Primus gas cookers are available in practical sets. These sets include a stove, a gas cartridge, and a pot. This solution is particularly straightforward, allowing you to dive into your next adventure without any equipment worries. It's also highly suitable for beginners.

    Buying a Backpacking Stove: What You Should Look For

    Planning to buy a new backpacking stove? Our experts have these tips for you:

    • Intended Use: Think about what you need the stove for. This will significantly narrow down your model choices.
    • Weight and Size: Select a stove that fits your luggage and travel plans.
    • Type: Choose between a screw-on stove and a stove with a fuel line.
    • Performance: Consider cooking time and fuel efficiency. You can find this information in our product descriptions.
    • User-Friendliness: Look for ease of use and maintenance.

    Buying Backpacking Stoves Online: Summary

    As you can see, choosing the right backpacking stove depends on the nature of your outdoor activities and personal preferences. Ultralight backpacking stoves are ideal for solo adventures, while larger, more powerful models are better suited for group outings. The season and terrain also play a role in selecting the best model. Ultimately, the best stove is the one that meets your specific needs and makes cooking outdoors as easy as possible.

    By the way: If you have more questions about our Primus backpacking stoves, our team is here to help. Feel free to also browse our range. One of the benefits of ordering from us is the convenience of one-stop shopping. You can also find accessories and spare parts for your existing trekking stove in the Primus online store.