Primus Camping Stoves

    Be it at a campsite or during a nature excursion – enjoying a warm meal in the open air is always a unique experience. Our Primus camping stoves facilitate just that: Gas cookers that enable you to quickly whip up a meal at any time, right under the open sky. This page offers a closer look at the different Primus camping stoves. Additionally, we provide tips on what to look for when purchasing a new camping gas cooker.

    Portable Camping Stoves: Easy Cooking Everywhere

    From hot drinks on cool mornings to nutritious meals after a long day of hiking – a camping stove is an essential item for every nature enthusiast. This makes cooking in the wilderness not just possible and enjoyable, but also astonishingly simple. On a campsite, it's the cornerstone of every meal. Even at festivals and similar venues, a camping stove is a favoured item to bring along.

    The variety of camping stoves mirrors their versatile uses, ranging from simpler compact gas canister stoves to more advanced dual-flame models that accommodate various fuels and can even substitute for a proper kitchen stove. Whatever your cooking needs, at Primus, we specialize in manufacturing camping gas stoves known for their efficiency and user-friendliness, making them perfect for use in the great outdoors.

    The Primus Camping Stoves: An Overview

    For over a century, the Primus brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of camping stoves. We continue to uphold this standard to this day. Our range is distinguished by various gas cookers for a wide array of applications, as demonstrated in the following list:

    • Alika Camping Stove: A two-burner camping stove that, despite its slim design, provides ample space for pots up to 28 cm in diameter. Intriguingly, the two burners offer different flame options, allowing you to cook simultaneously with multiple pots or pans at various temperatures.
    • Tupike Stove: A dual-flame stove designed for professional cooking. This gas stove can conjure up five-star menus and is light and compact enough to be taken anywhere. Also available is the Bag for Tupike & Kinja, which includes a custom carrying case for the stove, gas, and your accessories.
    • Onja Camping Stove: A two-flame stove with a stand, where the gas cartridge connects directly to the burner. Its oak wood cover protects the burners when stored and doubles as a chopping board or serving plate during meal preparation. The Onja Camping Stove also comes in a Duo version, compatible with both threaded and clip-on gas cartridges.
    • Kuchoma Stove: Looking to grill on the go? The Kuchoma Stove is a portable, gas-powered grill. It features foldable legs and is easily ignited with a push-button piezo igniter. Perfect for any barbecue.
    • Kinjia Camping Stove: Lighter, smaller, and more compact than most two-flame cookers – that's the essence of the Kinjua Camping Stove. This slim cooker weighs just 3,700 g but performs like the larger ones. It also comes with a convenient carrying handle.
    • Moja Camping Stove: The Moja Camping Stove is a single burner, ideal for a small adventure or as a third burner for larger meal preparations. It's easily transportable yet robust enough for larger pots.
    • Atle Camping Stove: If you're looking for a sturdy two-flame stove for the whole family, the Atle Camping Stove is a great choice. Well-suited for heavy pots for group cooking, it also features a piezo ignition, eliminating the need for a lighter.
    • Frigg Stove: The Frigg Stove is a large and robust single burner, connecting directly to refillable Primus propane gas bottles. Its nearly 23 cm wide pot supports are suitable even for the largest camping pots. The Frigg is a reliable and user-friendly cooker for years of use.

    Buying Guide: What to Consider When Purchasing a Camping Stove

    Purchasing a camping stove should be a well-considered decision. Here are some important points you should take into account:

    • Purpose: Solo trip or group journey? The intended use determines the features your camping stove should have.
    • Fuel type: Different stoves use different fuels. Choose the type that best suits your travel plans. Note: Our Primus camping stoves work with either traditional trekking gas canister or propane bottles, depending on the model.
    • Cooking power: The power affects how quickly you can boil water or prepare meals.
    • Stability: A good camping gas stove should be stable and wind-resistant to function reliably in various environments.
    • Accessories: Carry bags, windshields, and other accessories can be practical additions to consider when purchasing.

    Buying Camping Stoves Online: Summary

    As you can see, a camping stove can serve as a faithful companion on all your journeys. Whether you're looking for a compact model for solo adventures or a sturdy cooker for group activities, the Primus camping stove product range has you covered. In short, with a Primus camping stove in your gear, you're always ready for the next outdoor adventure.

    By the way, at Primus, you'll also find the perfect camping accessories for your new stove. From camping pots to camping cutlery – we offer all the essentials under one roof!