Manolis armoutakis

Nutrition for a reason

I just woke up and opened up the tent, the day is gorgeous outside. My girlfriend and I did a short hike up here yesterday and I can’t wait to get his day started. My dog greets me and I can see she’s also eager to get out there. As soon as we’ve boiled up some coffee on the Lite Plus stove we will head out on an intense trail running to explore and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Back at camp it’s time for a snack before we run off to the crag for rock climbing until our hands are sore. Being out in nature like this reduces my stress level and a beautiful view helps me clear my mind from negative thoughts. So I try to spend as much time as possible outdoors and as long as I am in nature, I feel amazing. For me, city life is a break from mountaineering life, although for the majority it seems to be the opposite!

When I’m out doing outdoor sports, nutrition is of utmost importance. Which is why I always bring enough food, lightweight cutlery and a stove in order to be prepared for our adventures. Most of the time I bring the Lite Plus Stove as it’s portable, extremely lightweight and fast to cook with! From morning coffee or tea to the meal at the end of a long day, the Lite Plus is my second most valuable companion to my expeditions in nature!

- Manolis Armoutakis Cinematographer, Greece