Production & quality

We know that our customers demand products of the highest quality. Equipment they can rely on even under extreme conditions; necessities that last for a lifetime of adventure. That’s why year after year we continue to reinvest a significant portion of our profits in our own research and development - it is our way of continuing towards breaking new ground in what is technically possible in outdoor cooking.


It all starts at the head office's test lab in Solna. This is where our R&D team is housed in rooms filled with a wide range of instruments, tools and test equipment. All to create the optimum environment for our engineers, who design and test new prototypes under all types of conditions. Here, each design is forced to undergo the same rigorous testing and go back to the drawing board as often as needed to achieve perfection. All this before even a single prototype is allowed to be tested in the field. In 1994, we moved our stove production to one of our neighbouring countries across the Baltic Sea: Estonia. The short distance from Stockholm, quality control and a long tradition of craftsmanship were important factors that played a part in our decision. Today, the factory in Tartu employs 30 skilled assemblers.


Since the inception of the company, we have striven to create efficient stoves that not only last a lifetime (or longer) but also leave as little impact on both the environment and people as possible. You can never take shortcuts when making a product that will last for generations. At Primus, we never compromise and no detail is left to chance. That’s why every Primus stove passes through three pairs of hands before the final assembly is complete. Our lanterns as well as our expedition and trekking stoves also go through a final test before leaving the factory, all in order for your new stove to be in perfect condition and ready for years of reliable service. At Primus, we have a production philosophy that is about creating products that reduce the need to buy new. The longer a Primus product lasts, the lower the climate impact.

Spare parts

A Primus stove can suffer a lot of stress during a lifetime, therefore, we design our stoves so that they can be easily repaired. The majority have replaceable parts, and we always store spare parts for expiring products as well. This is so that you can replace worn parts as easily as possible to further extend the life of your Primus product. Even on the day a Primus stove has to be retired, we want the materials to be recycled and live on.