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Stove replacement parts on us!

We encourage you to use this pre-season as an opportunity to troubleshoot and test your Primus backpacking, multifuel or camping stove. If your current inline stove needs a part replaced because it is worn out, let us know. If your stove and requested part meets the parameters, we will ship you the part for FREE.

Follow this link to fill out a form (Germany please use this link), with a detailed description of the problem together with a picture along with your address and phone number. Offer valid through March 31, 2024, for select EU counties only.

Why choose Primus?

We have been making stoves for 130 years and we are proud to offer spare parts for current inline stoves as well as selected older models. We are convinced that it’s better to repair than replace, even if your Primus stove is several years old. This is why we strive to design our stoves in a way that allows you to perform the service or repair it yourself. In fact, we encourage you and your Primus stove to enjoy a life-long partnership, and we are here to help you.

product philosophy

To produce the most durable products, our experienced team of engineers invent, test, and revise designs, always based on carefully sourced and selected hi-grade materials. We never take shortcuts when developing products, so no detail is left to chance. These thoughtful advances are showcased in the subtle angles and thin surface layers that reduce weight yet increase stiffness in stoves, allowing them to withstand a lifetime of demanding conditions. These advances are also seen in the limited number of components in our stoves, simplifying repairs if needed.

It’s only natural for certain parts to wear out over time. By thinking about these details in the design phase we can identify what parts are subjected to the most wear and tear. Then knowing this, we can make sure that replacing these parts are both easy and cost effective. 

Primus Sustainability

While human life expectancy has increased drastically the past 100 years, life expectancy of the products around us appear to decrease. We know that a vast majority of greenhouse emissions come from the handling of material, resources and products from cradle to grave. By extending the life of our products, it has a substantial positive impact on the climate and environment. 

Our goal is simple - develop products that last a lifetime. As time passes certain parts wear down, a jet nipple gets lost on a camping trip, a screw unscrews, and your stove gets dirty. That’s when it’s good to know that you can extend the life of your stove with a bit of upkeep/cleaning and with the variety of spare parts available for you. We want to make gear that can get handed down for generations!