Primus Stoves 

    Elevate your outdoor cooking with our Primus Stoves. Since 1892, Primus has been a leading provider of reliable and innovative outdoor equipment, empowering adventurers of all levels to experience the joy of outdoor cooking. With Primus gas stoves, outdoor cooking becomes easy, whether you're planning a sunny picnic, a hiking trip, or a challenging adventure. Explore our range of gas stoves for all types of weather conditions and terrains.

    Overview Primus stoves: gas stoves, camping stoves and portable stoves

    Whether you're looking for a backpacking stove, camping stove, or an expedition stove, we have the right alternative for you. You'll find everything from compact and lightweight gas stoves to robust camping stoves for group cooking. If you're planning to travel abroad, consider a multi-fuel stove that can handle multiple fuel types, ensuring access to fuel almost anywhere in the world. For those who enjoy open-fire cooking, we also offer portable fire pits. Be sure to check out our fuel bottles to supply your gas stove with fuel. Among the selection of Primus stoves, you'll discover:

    • Backpacking stoves: Lightweight and compact designs, ideal for on-the-go adventures. The user-friendly gas stoves, Primetech and Lite Plus, are an excellent options for solo hikers or small groups aiming to minimize pack weight.
    • Camping stoves: Our camping gas stoves are robust and feature dual burners with adjustable flames, making it easy to cook for a larger group. Two popular camping stoves are Alika and Tupike.
    • Multifuel stoves: The versatile multifuel stoves are ideal for travelers. These stoves are compatible with various fuel types, allowing you to find fuel almost anywhere in the world. Check out the award-winning OmniLite Ti, OmniFuel, MultiFuel, or Express Spider.
    • Portable Fire Pit: A portable fire pit is the right choice for those who enjoy open-fire cooking. Our portable fire pits are easy to transport and simple to use. Models like Aeril and Openfire Pan can be placed directly over the fire, while Kamoto Openfire Pit protects the ground from heat and embers.
    • Fuel bottles: Don't forget to purchase a fuel bottle for refilling your gas stove. SIP Power Gas is a sustainable gas option, Power Gas is an all-around performer, while Summer and Winter Gas are tailored for specific temperature ranges.

    FAQ about Primus Stoves

    Can I use my stove for indoor cooking as well?

    No, Primus stoves should not be used for indoor cooking, and not inside tents, campervans or caravans. They are designed for outdoor use only. Using them indoors can pose significant safety risks. For more detailed information and safety guidelines, please read the specific instructions that come with your Primus stove.

    What can I cook on my Primus Stove?

    You can cook a wide variety of meals on your Primus Stove. For inspiration and recipes, we recommend visiting the Primus Camp website. There, you'll find a collection of recipes perfect for outdoor cooking, ranging from simple, quick meals to more elaborate dishes. Each recipe is tailored to the unique capabilities of Primus stoves, ensuring you can make the most out of your outdoor cooking experience.

    Can I change the adapter on my Primus stove?

    Yes, it's possible to change the adapter on your Primus stove, but it's important to choose the right one for your specific stove model. That's why we've created a guide to help you select the appropriate adapter, ensuring compatibility and safe operation. For detailed instructions and options, please check out our Primus Adapter Guide.

    Buying guide: what to consider when purchasing an outdoor stove

    To choose the right outdoor stove for your needs, consider the following:

    • Purpose and Activity Type: Consider the primary use. Do you need a stationary camping stove or a lightweight backpacking stove that you can carry on hikes? Also, think about the type of adventure you're planning. Is it a shorter day trip or an extensive expedition?
    • Group Size: The number of people you'll be cooking for affects the size and type of stove you need.
    • Kökets funktioner: Fundera över vilka funktioner som är viktiga för dig. Letar du efter ett kök med vindmotstånd, ett kök som är bränsleeffektivt eller ett gasolkök som är enkelt att underhålla?
    • Features: Consider what features are important to you. Are you looking for a stove with wind resistance, one that is fuel-efficient, or a gas stove that is easy to maintain?
    • Fuel Compatibility: Evaluate your stove's compatibility with specific fuel types Multi-fuel stoves are an ideal companion for international travelers and long-distance backpackers, as their flexibility ensures that you can find fuel almost anywhere in the world.

    Buying gas stoves online: summary

    Whether you're cooking outdoors just a stone's throw from home or embarking on a challenging expedition, we have the right outdoor stove for you. Our lightweight backpacking stoves are perfect for adventures where you want to minimize pack weight, while the larger camping stoves make it convenient to cook for a larger group. Discover our portable fire pits for open-fire cooking and choose a multifuel stove if you're bringing your stove out into the world.