Primus vacuum bottles and water bottles

    For over 130 years, Primus has been a reliable partner for outdoor enthusiasts. Our range includes thermos bottles and food jars that ensure food and drinks stay at the right temperature for a long time, durable water bottles for everyday use and workouts, and practical travel mugs for when you want to enjoy coffee or tea on the go.

    Overview: Primus vacuum bottles, food jars, travel mugs and water bottles

    Whether you want to bring hot drinks or food on a hike, stay hydrated during workouts, or enjoy a cup of coffee on your way to work, we have the right bottles and mugs for you. All of our vacuum bottles, food jugs, travel mugs, and water flasks are designed with durable materials and with you as the user in mind.

    Primus insulated vacuum bottle

    Among Primus vacuum bottles, you'll find thermos flasks for outdoor activities and daily use. The insulated vacuum bottles are designed with wide openings, making them easy to drink from, refill, and clean. The insulation technology preserves the temperature of your drink as hot or cold as you wish.
    • Vacuum Bottle: colorful double-walled vacuum bottles termosar in the sizes 0.35L, 0.5L, and 0.75L.
    • Klunken Vacuum Bottle: vacuum water flask in stainless steel. Fits your Kånken backpack and comes in multiple designs.
    • Trailbreak Vaccum Bottle: convenient thermos flask for forest walks, travel, or commuting. Available in sizes 0.5L, 0.75L, and 1.0L.

    Primus travel mugs – coffee cups in stainless steel

    With our insulated coffee mugs, you can enjoy your coffee or tea on the go. The difference between a take-away paper cup and a vacuum-insulated coffee mug in stainless steel is that the latter keeps the perfect temperature – hot or cold – from the first sip to the last. Additionally, our insulated mugs are leak-proof and fit perfectly as a travel mug in the car's cup holder or the outer pocket of your backpack.

    • Slurken Mugg 0.4L: Tumbler for hot/cold drinks. Vacuum-insulated and made of stainless steel.
    • Trailbreak Mugg 0.35L: Ideal travel mug for coffee, tea or cold drinks. Made of stainless steel and fit the car’s cup holder.
    • Vacuum bottle 0.35L: Small vacuum bottle where tlid doubles as your go-to mug.

    Food jugs - Stainless Steel Food Containers

    Primus’ stainless steel food jugs are both durable and resistant to odors and stains, preserving the taste of the food. The double-wall vacuum insulation ensures that the food stays as hot or cold as you desire.

    • Preppen 0.7L: vacuum-insulated food jar in stainless steel for hot or cold meals.
    • Trailbreak Lunch Jug: Small thermo food jar that keeps your food at the right temperature.
    • Trailbreak Vaccum bottle: thermo flask for food such as soup. Available in 0.5L, 0.75L and 1L.
    • Food Vaccum Bottle 1.2L: large insulated food flask in robust design. The lid doubles as a mug or small bowl ensuring you always have a way to eat or drink.

    Water bottles for hiking, workouts and everyday life

    Primus water bottles in stainless steel, tritan or plastics are both durable and practical. Whether you're looking for a water bottle for hiking, cycling, or an insulated flask bottle for daily use, we have the right product for you. All our water bottles are designed to make life easier for you: they have large openings for quick refills and easy cleaning, secure lid straps, and the right size for the backpack pocket or cup holder in the car.

    • Klunken: This vacuum water bottle in stainless steel fits your Kånken backpack. It features a screw top lid with cork finish and color-matched webbing. Klunken is available in several models and colors: Klunken 0.7L, Rainbow Klunken 0.7L where every sold bottle contributes to the organization IGLYO, Klunken Vacuum Bottle 0.5L which keeps your drink hot or cold longer, and Rainbow Klunken Vacuum Bottle 0.5L.
    • Trailbottle Tritan: lightweight water bottle for hiking and workouts. The water bottle is made of durable Tritan, which looks like glass. Available in 0.6L and 1.0L.
    • Bikebottle Feed Zone: classic bike bottle in BPA free plastics.

    Vanliga frågor om Primus termosar

    How long can a Primus vacuum bottle maintain the temperature of hot or cold liquids?

    The duration for which a Primus vacuum bottle maintains the temperature of hot or cold liquids depends on factors like the type and size of the bottle and the initial temperature of the liquid. In our guide about Primus Vacuum Bottles you can find various diagrams that show how the temperature in our bottles changes over a period of 24 hours.

    What is the difference between vacuum-insulated, double-walled and single-walled bottles?

    The difference lies in their insulation abilities. Vacuum-insulated bottles have a vacuum between two walls, providing excellent insulation and minimal heat loss. Double-walled mugs have an air layer between the walls, offering better heat retention than single-walled mugs but less than vacuum-insulated ones. Single-walled mugs have no insulation layer, so heat transfers more quickly. Each type has its benefits depending on the intended use and the desired level of temperature retention.

    Do you offer spare parts, such as lids, for your range of water bottles?

    Yes, we offer spare parts, including lids, for our range of water bottles. Here you find our assortment of available spare parts.

    Selecting the best Primus vacuum bottle: final recommendations

    För att veta vilken av våra flaskor du ska välja, utgå från dina användningsområden. Välj en termosflaska om du vill ta med dig varm eller kall dryck eller soppa under vandringen. Välj en mattermos om du vill äta en måltid ute i naturen. Välj en termosmugg om du vill njuta av en kopp kaffe eller te på väg till jobbet. Och kolla in våra vattenflaskor för promenader, träning eller cykling. Choosing the right Primus bottle begins with understanding your needs. Choose a vacuum bottle if you want to bring hot or cold beverages or soup when hiking. Choose a thermo food jar if you want to eat a meal outdoors. Choose a vacuum travel mug for your takeaway coffee. Check out our water bottles for hiking, workouts, and biking. <